chunky striped hot water bottle sweater

I made this for my stepmom for mother’s day (even though its slightly out of season). This pattern will fit a water bottle with dimensions of 8″ wide and 11.5″ long.

materials: about 150 yds of chunky/bulky weight yarn (good chance to use up some of your stash), size 10 knitting needles, size 10 circular needle, four buttons, thread or embroidery floss

instructions: cast on 28 and work in stockinette stripes (I did four rows for each stripe) until piece measures about 12″ long. Next row (RS), knit 9, bind off ten, knit 9. Next row (WS), purl 9, cast on 10, purl 9. You have just created the hole for the head of the bottle. The piece will be folded with this hole at the top, so continue working in stockinette matching the stripes on the other side, until you are one row away from matching the other side. Next row (WS): p1, bind off 2, p4, bind off 3, p8, bind off 3, p4, bind off 2, p1. Next row (RS): k1, cast on 2, k4, cast on 3, k8, cast on 3, k4, cast on 2, k1. You have just created the button holes for the bottom. Next row(WS): bind off. Fold over and sew together with the hole at the top, and the extra rows for the button holes hanging down a bit so that they can be folded over. Using the circular needle, pick up 24 stitches along the hole and work in k1, p1 rib until neck is the length you like. I worked mine to be 3 inches, folded it over, and sewed it down. Sew your buttons to the opposite side of the bottom from the buttonholes with matching thread or embroidery floss and its done : )


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